Davide Pedrolli

I help Italian companies to expand in the Scandinavian market.

My name is Davide Pedrolli. I am from the beautiful landscapes of Trentino and am passionate about my local area. I studied Law in Trento, during which time I was lucky enough to have some experiences abroad too where I developed my passion for locally-produced food and drink. This included a year in Trier in the Moselle in Germany; the land of great white wines. I also wrote a thesis on food law in San Sebastian – the authentic capital of Basque gastronomy – entitled: "The protection of quality wines: a comparison between Italy and Spain".

During my university years I worked on the daily newspaper L'Adige, covering news and sports as a journalist. I always liked to take a proactive approach and not wait for the news to come to me. I have also been working with some newspapers in Scandinavia for some time now.

Next I undertook a training course in international trade, which was a fascinating experience and door to what I was going to experience shortly afterwards. Once this ended, I moved to Parma, the undisputed capital of the Italian food industry.

I completed various work experience dedicated to the marketing of Italian food products abroad and the import of international wines for the haute cuisine in Italy. I learned about all the various sales channels in Europe and elsewhere: foodservice, GDO, retail. I learned about categories such as flour, oil, fresh pasta and sauces as well as Italian and non-Italian wines for the catering sector. I also completed the first two levels of the Sommelier course, and I am working to complete the course now.

Then I made a life-changing decision: to leave a full time job and take the plunge by moving to Stockholm to study the Scandinavian market first-hand, and eventually to start a business. This is a market that I was familiar with from my previous work experience and in which I am convinced there are great possibilities.

Finally, I returned to Trentino to set up my business which enables local brands and companies to launch in the Nordic markets.


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Davide Pedrolli
Your Italian Food Partner

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