Davide Pedrolli

I can help you become a market leader in new foreign markets.

Thanks to my wide and varied experience, I can offer commercial development, PR and marketing services to expand in the Northern European market through a network of collaborators in the Scandinavian territory. I speak English, German, Spanish and a little Swedish as well as my native Italian.

I am also accredited with Italian institutions in Scandinavia as a vendor of Italian products and as a journalist. I am a member of the various Italian Chambers of Commerce in Scandinavia as well as an active member of the Assosvezia- the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Italy.

I am available to companies with an interest in foreign markets by going to fairs/events in the sector, looking for new customers, and constantly communicating with my network of contacts.

I am flexible, dynamic and I adapt to the tailored needs of each client, meaning I can offer you a bespoke approach and optimize your resources.



The services I can offer you are varied: from an initial market study, to a more complex analysis that takes into account multiple aspects such as the protection of your brand, the regulatory context, labelling, the environment and the continuous change in consumer trends. I can also offer research and analysis on the competition, content marketing, blogging, vlogging, event organization, planning, communication and storytelling. Finally, I can also assist your company with customer and solvency profiling, as well as logistical aspects.

Introduce me to your reality, your goals, your vision, as well as your reference market: together we will find a way to grow your business with tailored solutions.


Now it's finally time to ask for your free advice with me! I will be ready to answer all your questions about the Scandinavian market! Book your free 30 minutes consultation.

The consultancy, for me, will have 2 objectives:

1. To offer you practical solutions that you can implement immediately (already obtaining results).

2. Offer you my services, strategic advice, experience etc...

My focus will be on point 1. If you win, I win! Contact me now to book your consultation.